Community Update #1 – First Game Review!

Feature Graphic


Our First Review!

Daikon Media was generous enough to look at our game.

Here are some highlights they mentioned

What we love about “Run Kwek2x Run!”

  • Cute characters
  • Details
  • Placement of Ads

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Instructions
  • Shorter breaks between levels
  • More realistic piercing

– Claudia Pietschmann, Daikon Media, partners of MyHub. View her review here -> Run Kwek2x Run Review

~ For more reviews, check out Word Grabber

That Feeling of Getting Your Game Reviewed

Is very rewarding! Honestly, I haven’t touched the game yet for a month now. There is a lot of pending tasks for sure, and I definitely need to work on marketing.

I have been spending more time on my day job “Viglo Live” (a Language Learning App) and our second game “Make Nanay Proud” (Tap and Hold Reflex Game) .

Not to mention more upcoming games that are lining up for me to start working on! (Yes, an archer-based game, a golf-based game, and a puzzle-type game).

I feel that if only “Run Kwek2x Run!” can talk to me, he’d say “Notice me Senpai!! Spend some time with me too.” 😦 😦 😦

After seeing the review posted by Daikon Media, it felt that I need to spend more time developing “Run Kwek2x Run!” and making him grow! It really motivated me to keep doing more and showcase me and my brother’s creativity.

With that said, prepare for updates this month! ^_^



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